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Nature Based Services

We believe in the healing power of nature and animals.

Archery Board nature

Skills Training

Nature-based and animal-assisted skills training focuses on imparting individuals with practical strategies to enhance their emotional well-being and psychological resilience.


These strategies encompass a diverse array of techniques, including stress management amidst serene natural settings, fostering communication skills through interactions with animals, peers and program facilitators, solving challenges presented by the environment, regulating emotions through nature's therapeutic influence, and developing coping mechanisms inspired by the resilience observed in animals.


By equipping individuals with these holistic tools, this approach seeks to empower participants to face life's trials with greater resilience, alleviating symptoms of mental health conditions, and ultimately, improving their overall quality of life. We aim to help individuals make gains in emotional intelligence while empowering them with strategies that harness the healing power of nature and animals to address the intricate interplay of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that shape mental health.

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