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Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid Coverage

As an agency that holds a Certificate of Approval with the Oregon Health Authority, we can accept Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid plans including OpenCard, Healthshare of Oregon, Yamhill County Community Health, Trillium Health and sometimes PacificSource Medicaid (pre-authorization required). If you carry any of the above insurance plans as a primary or secondary insurance carrier, our services are covered 100% so long as you maintain active coverage. It will be important to provide us with correct insurance information so we can investigate whether your plan requires a prior-authorization or pre-approval before services can begin. As an Oregon Health Plan member, you may also qualify for transportation or mileage reimbursement through Ride to Care (503) 416-3955 (if residing in Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington counties), or another transportation service as offered by your particular Oregon Health Plan insurance provider. 

Commercial Insurance Coverage 

Many of our participants who hold commercial insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Aetna, etc. have received partial coverage for our skills training programs, but not all. It is important that you contact your insurance provider directly to determine if the codes we utilize in our skills training programs are covered by your insurance plan.  As Outdoor Integrative Therapies expands into occupational therapy and mental health therapy, these support services should be covered by a percentage of your healthcare plan.  We have provided you the codes we typically utilize on this page for you so you can contact your insurance company directly to inquire about coverage. 


Pricelist of Services

Intake & Assessment with Treatment Plan:   $306.00

60-minute Skills Training Session:  $100.00 

90-minute Skills Training Session: $150.00

55-minute Parent/Family Coaching with Licensed Provider:  $180.00

55-minute Individual Mental Health Counseling $173.00  (coming soon)

55-minute parent support group session: $55.00

**Generous discounts offered to cash pay, under-insured

or non-insured participants**

Cash Pay Discounts

Outdoor Integrative Therapies offers generous 40% cash pay discounts to those who elect to not utilize their insurance and to those who are underinsured or uninsured and paying in full at time of service. For commercial Insurance carriers, it will be your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier directly to determine your potential out of pocket costs (see codes to give them below). However, our discounts may be less than your co-insurance or out of network deductible cost obligations. Any participant who is utilizing their commercial insurance benefits or paying via cash is required to store two forms of payment on file (credit/debit card) with our agency.  

Billing Codes

Below are the codes most often utilized at Outdoor Integrative Therapies. Your insurance carrier will ask you for these codes when requesting information about your coverage:

H2014 - Skills Training (least likely to be covered by commercial insurance)

90791 - Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation 

H0032- Mental Health Service Plan Development 

90847- Family Psychotherapy 

90837 - Individual Psychotherapy 

90853- Group Psychotherapy 

OT Codes Coming Soon! 

Still have questions about coverage?

If you have further questions about insurance coverage or a bill you may have received, please feel free to contact our insurance
department via phone call or text at (503) 610-3202 or and we will do our best to assist you in navigating the complex world of medical insurance coverage!

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